Two fun ways for your kids to learn Spanish

Your kids can learn Spanish from home!

We teach kids online through songs, dancing, storytime and games according to their age group.


Spanish Classes near you!

Check out our Spanish immersion group for toddlers in NYC .Available mid-September 2020.

Our classes are a fun mix great for kids with any level of Spanish.

Story Time




Puppet Show

Don’t worry if you don’t speak the language, you can even learn with your child!

Give your kids a skill that will stick with them for life!

Children from 6 to 36 months start learning Spanish right when the “language learning window” opens. A second language will bring your kid valuable experiences, friends, and multicultural insight.

Our Team

Meet Maestra Adriana!

Adriana has a Bachelors in Communication and has been teaching Spanish in New York Elementary schools for two years. She loves being a Toc Toc teacher because little children are learning a second language when they’re learning their first language at the same time. “That’s awesome because kids don’t think it’s difficult, or boring, or any of the barriers that we have as adults. Kids are learning and having fun while they’re learning a tool for life.”
Adriana likes chocolates and her favorite color is blue.

Meet Maestra Jackie!

Jackie is a Chef and her passion for kids started a few years back when she opened a Cooking Summer camp for children. Kids’ curiosity and imagination captivated her and she kept working with kids for the last four years in summer and after-school programs in English and Spanish.
Her favorite color is purple and she loves French pastries.

Meet Maestra Melissa!

Melissa is from Mexico and is a Certified life coach. She loves knowing about different cultures, especially from India. “One of the things I love the most about India is that most of the people speak at least two, sometimes three or four languages. I'm currently learning Hindi for similar reasons why Anglo people learn Spanish: to get closer to a different culture, to expand your life experiences, to understand better their movies and their songs. Besides career or professional benefits, there are a lot of psychological benefits of bilingualism”
Melissa has been teaching Spanish to children for over a year. She loves dogs and wearing sparkly sneakers.

Meet Maestra Ara!

While teaching English to her nieces in Mexico, she found passion in helping families to raise bilingual kids. She has over five years experience of teaching Spanish to children in New York City. She has a Bachelors in Business Administration and she believes that speaking several languages is not only to understand others but for one to understand the world we live in. “The languages we speak definitely shape how we see the world and the people around us. Speaking a second language is like having an alter ego, a second personality.”
Ara loves Mexican seafood and her favorite movie growing up was The Sword in the Stone.

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