¡Hola! It’s Ara Vazquez, founder of Toc Toc Spanish. We’re making it to the last month of 2020! And I want to thank you one more time for having supported our small business during this year. We’re a team of Latina immigrants in New York City, so I can’t say this enough: your support has been crucial for us!

With the New Year approaching, I want to share with you a bit of how each year has been for us!


In May 2018, we started our Spanish for babies and toddlers program in New York City. I was still working a full-time nanny job and I hired two of my best friends -Jackie and Melissa- to work a few hours a week in this new venture. We started with our classes in a small coffee shop in Carroll Gardens. Thanks to the help of few small business owners who allowed us to use their space for our classes, by December 2018 we were having our weekly Spanish classes in 8 different bookstores and child spaces.


I quit my nanny job and the Toc Toc Team added four part-time teachers: Miss Scarlet, Miss Angie, Miss Dani, and Miss Elena. In 2019 we were teaching Spanish in 11 different bookstores and children spaces, three daycares, two Elementary schools, and a Coworking space with a Spanish playgroup. New York families started recognizing our classes, and we survived the first year in business!


With COVID hitting hard, all of our classes were suspended and our business and teachers had it as hard as everyone else. We launched our online programming of Spanish for kids from 2 to 12 years old. We got to be in your homes, during lockdowns and closed borders. We had an Online Summer Camp with bilingual classes such as Tae Kwon Do, Cooking, Salsa dancing, Arts and Crafts, and more.
I can’t believe we celebrated together Cinco de Mayo, Summer Camps, Dia de Muertos and now the Holiday season, everything virtually.
We’re so happy that we have been teaching languages and culture to kids from the East Coast to the West Coast, and from Mexico, Colombia, and even Korea!

What to expect for 2021?

We have many new things we’re excited about, and can’t wait to show them to you.

-First of all, we’re doing a brand makeover: New Year, new image, new website!

-We’re opening our On-Demand content with videos, worksheets, and Ebooks. Your kids can learn Spanish or review our lessons, anytime! Included for free when you enroll in our semesters or a monthly enrollment.

-We’re adding a monthly enrollment to our programming. So with an auto-pay, you don’t have to worry to register your kids for the new semester, and you can also stop or restart your enrollment anytime you’d like to.

-We’re planning to open our in-person classes again in 2021. Sure it will depend on how safe it’s going to be doing so, we can’t wait to see you face-to-face!

-We’ll be partnering with more schools to implement our online and in-person Spanish after-school program.

-Lastly, and the thing that makes me smile the most: we’re building a company with a social impact as one of the main goals. You’ll hear more about this in Summer 2021, I’m just very happy we’ll be able to help our Latin American communities that need it the most.

Thank you again for making Toc Toc survive one more year. We hope to see you through 2021!