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But… they’re ONLY babies!
December 28, 2018
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¡Hola! Welcome to Toc Toc, a language program for kids based in New York City. Why “Toc Toc”? Well, it means “Knock knock” in Spanish. It’s the sound that opens doors, just like languages! 

It’s awesome you want your kids to become bilingual, or even trilingual. Sure thing, learning another language gives many professional and educational opportunities, but also will give your kids a wider view from the world, to open their minds, to have friends from a lot of different backgrounds, and to learn to appreciate other cultures and ways of life. 

My name is Ara Vazquez, an immigrant from Mexico. I believe in working on something you’re truly passionate about, and my passion is working with kids, teaching them my language and culture, to sparkle their curiosity and openness to the world. 

I’ve been teaching Spanish to kids in New York since 2014. I have a Bachelors in Business Administration from Universidad Autonoma de la Laguna in my hometown Torreon, Mexico. I’m Certified in ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera) and I volunteered in a bilingual Montessori kindergarten in Hungary gaining experience in Dual Language Programs.

I currently live in Sunnyside, Queens, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world. I believe in a world where everyone can have a friend who looks and speaks different than us, to expand our views, kindness and tolerance to others.

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