Classes for 2 and 3-year-olds

The perfect age to learn a second language!

If you were wondering if your kids are too young for learning a second language: not at all! The best age to kickstart bilingualism is as young as 6 months old when babies start learning their first language.

We teach Spanish to babies and toddlers through fun songs, pictures, puppets, activities, and games. Our class lasts 30 minutes and it flows from activity to activity to keep your children engaged. They'll be repeating words, singing along, pointing at the screen in games we do during the class, and we'll ask them to show us their toys or certain household items according to the topic we're covering.

This program is best for 2 and 3 year olds. Older siblings are welcomed to join as well, you're welcomed to check a custom program for them in thissection.

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Option A: Beginners Class

This class introduces Spanish to kids in a fun way, perfect for those who are not familiar with the language. Through songs and games, the kids will learn basic Spanish vocabulary: colors, numbers, animals, manners and good habits.

Monday to Friday 11:00 am EDT & 3:00 pm EDT
(8:00 am PDT & 12:00 pm PDT)
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Option B: Class 100% in Spanish

This class is perfect for kids with parents or caregivers who speak Spanish to their kids. Besides basic Spanish vocabulary, we teach kids math, literacy, routines, manners, and good habits -everything in Spanish!

Monday to Friday 10:00 am EDT & 3:00 pm EDT
(7:00 am PDT & 12:00 pm PDT)
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Frequent Asked Questions:

⋆Is the class online only? For Fall 2020, yes. We might add in-person offerings in New York City in Winter 2021, please stay tuned!

⋆Do you offer free trial classes?Yes! Please register to the class you want to attend and at checkout, apply the Promo Code muestra and your class will be free!

⋆What your make-up policy? Stuff happens! If you couldn't attend a class, you can attend another one in a different schedule in a two-week window of missing the class. Just email us when you want to take the class (our schedules are below) so we can send you the correct Zoom link and password.

⋆What's your refund policy? We try our best to keep your family happy. If there's any problem with the class, we can accommodate your children to a different class, teacher, or level that suits them better. Prorated refunds can be given during the first two weeks of the semester.
⋆Is it always the same class? Our teachers prepare a different and special class every day. So if you join us every day, you will never see the same content nor songs, and your kid will keep learning different topics: animals from different ecosystems, places around the city, Holidays and seasonal themes, and more!
However, if you join us twice a day and attend both schedules per day (morning and afternoon), you will see the same class. Feel free to join us as many times as you wish if you want to learn or reinforce vocabulary.

⋆I enrolled in the Beginners class, and would like to see if the class 100% in Spanish would work for us, can I switch it? YES! That applies to the other way around. Please email us letting us what schedule you need so we can give you instructions to access the Zoom meeting for your other class.

⋆There are two classes running at 3:00 pm, is that a joint class? There are two classes running at the same time simultaneously, in different Zoom rooms with different teachers. One teacher is in the Beginners group, and another one is in the 100% in Spanish class.

⋆Is there a siblings discount?In our 2-to-5-year-old class, all siblings can join at no additional cost. During registration, enroll all your kids and the system automatically will apply a 100% discount.
If you have kids attending different classes from different age groups, all additional siblings have a 50% discount in their program. Please send us an email inquiring for a sibling Promo Code discount and we'll send it to you!

⋆I'm not located in the USA, can I still attend the class? Yes! Registration is open to kids all over the world!

⋆Can I have one of these classes for a private class for my children, or for a group of kids? Yes! That information you can see it at www.toctocspanish.com/registration in the menu "Private classes"

⋆Any other question please email us, or call us or send us a SMS message at +1 (718) 502-5718.