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July 6, 2020
Spanish for 6-to-12-year-old kids
July 11, 2020
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Peinado de acuarela

Date: August 10th - 14th Materials:
Acuarelas (Watercolors)
Marcador Permanente negro (Black permanent marker)
Popote (Straw)
Hoja de máquina (Copy printer paper)
Nubes de colores

Date: August 3rd - 7th Materials:
Bowl transparente (Clear bowl)
Crema para afeitar (Shaving cream)
Colorantes (Food Dyes)
Agua (Water)

Mariposa (Butterfly)
Date: July 27th-31st.
• Cartón, cartulina u hoja de máquina (cardboard, cardstock or regular copy paper)
• Papel china de cualquier color (tissue paper, any color)
• Un globo (one balloon)
• Pegamento en barra (glue stick)
• Tijeras (scissors)

Bubbles worm (Gusano de burbujas)
Date: July 20th-24th.
-A bottle (una botella)
-Scissors (tijeras)
-Elastic band (liga de hule)
-Flannel or an old sock (franela o un calcetín viejo)
-Bubbles or dish soap (jabón para burbujas o para trastes)
-Water (agua)
-Optional: food coloring (colorante vegetal)

Lámpara de lava
Date: July 9th.
-1 botella de plástico o botella de cristal (plastic bottle or cristal bottle)
-Colorante vegetal de cualquier color (food dyes - any color you want)
-Pastillas efervescentes (Alka seltzer)
-Aceite (Vegetable Oil)
-Agua (Water)
-Linterna para ver bien el efecto (Lamp - optional)

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Arcoiris en gel (Rainbow in gel)
Date: July 13th and 16th
Gel de cabello transparente (Transparent Hair Gel)
Colorantes (azul, amarillo, rojo, verde) (Food Dyes - Blue, red, yellow, green)
Botella vacía de plástico (Empty plastic bottle)
Vasos pequeños (Small glasses)
Algo para mezclar (Something to mix the ingredients - spoon)
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