Our Social Impact
Our Mission

What We Stand For

In Toc Toc Spanish, we measure our success in terms of the impact we create. We are a for-profit business creating a positive change in the world. 

We’re helping raise a multicultural and kind generation.

We teach kids not only a different language but different cultures, customs and traditions. We’re helping to create a multicultural generation that is more tolerant and kind to those who have different looks, accents or beliefs.

We’re bringing education to low-income families in USA and Latin America.

A good education shouldn’t be a privilege. Our scholarship program is to help to those families who need it the most. Please send us an email to scholarships@toctocspanish.com and we’ll talk about how your kids can learn Spanish as a second language.

We’re bringing social mobility to young women in low-income areas.

We want to create a bigger impact in the communities that need it the most. Starting Summer 2021, all of our online teachers will be young women. In this project:

-Toc Toc will recruit young women from low-income areas in Latin America, women with excellent attitude and vocation for teaching.

-Toc Toc will offer part-time jobs with an above-average salary.

-Toc Toc will provide a 1-month course and ongoing training to become Toc Toc Spanish Teachers.

-Toc Toc will cover 100% of the University tuition fees for their teachers, in STEM degrees (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

-Toc Toc will provide “real life education” to their teachers, with topics such as entrepreneurship, financial education, and family planning.

Now you’ll know, by enrolling your kids at Toc Toc, you’re also be helping a woman in Latin America to reach a higher education. Education is the core of what we do, for your kids to learn a second language through a proven-method, and for our teachers to become a good role model for them.