Our Program

In Toc Toc we believe in learning Spanish the way we learn our first language: through games, music, having fun and getting fascinated by the sound of words. Kids learn without even realizing!

Our program is best for 6-36 month old babies and toddlers. Older siblings are welcome to come as well!

In all our classes:
  • Our class is the perfect opportunity to expose your baby to a second language right when the “language learning window” opens.
  • We make sure children in our classes have a great time.
  • Accompanied by parents or caregivers, children start learning Spanish through a variety of activities such as singing simple, rhythmic songs and dance, run, spin and jump around the room!
  • Get ready to immerse yourself too as we speak in Spanish the entire class! No previous knowledge of Spanish is required.
  • Babies and toddlers share class to develop social skills. You can't imagine how well a young child learns from an older child and how patient the older child can be with the younger ones.
  • Our teachers work with the accompanying adults, teaching them age-appropriate games and activities so that they can reinforce learning at home.


Our program has a $10 drop-in suggested donation per family. With several classes in Brooklyn and Queens, you can check our schedules and locations here in this link.