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June 20, 2020
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June 24, 2020
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Spanish through songs

¡Hola! Songs and singing along is a wonderful tool for learning a first (and a second!) language.

If we think about this: how is it that we all learn our native language in the first place? When we’re babies, we have only one linguistic skill…we can listen. Infants spend their time listening to the language going on all around them and begin absorbing its sounds all the while. We typically listen for six to eight months to all the chatter going on around us. Infants begin to speak by simply listening to the people around them.

We put together the next Youtube playlist with pop, reggaeton and other rhythms. We reviewed them to make sure there’s appropriate content for kids.
Below you'll also find some of the lyrics we have reviewed in class.
Pop, reggaeton and bachata for kids:
Some of the lyrics we have sung in class. On the left, lyrics and vocabulary. On the right, the Youtube video.
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