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August 7, 2020
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December 2, 2020
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¡Hola, everyone! We’re less than a week away from Thanksgiving, and this week is all about family, having a warm and delicious meal with them, and being thankful for the wonderful things that had happened to us (even in the middle of a weird time in history). 

Next week, while many schools are off the whole week, we'll still have all of our classes from Monday to Wednesday and we’ll have a few Thanksgiving events! They're all the way down in this post, and there are spots left, so please check them out!

Today we included a freebie! A little of back story: While we were searching for a cute story or video for our Storytime for next week’s events, surprise, surprise, we couldn’t find anything that could be fair to the Native American families. After all, besides teaching Spanish, our mission is to learn and create curiosity for other cultures, while avoiding stereotypes as much as possible.

Hey, we’re not illustrators nor Historians, but after some Googling and reading, we created a little bit more accurate (and bilingual!) narrative for the upcoming week. Of course, in our Spanish classes we’ll adapt the story and activities for the classes with different age groups.

Ebooks, libros

What we did in here:
* We wanted to give more importance to the Native Americans. After all, they’re the heroes in this story who helped a little group of newcomers to survive. Not to mention that there were way many more Native Americans than settlers. The story starts here, in the very land we’re living, with the people who have been living here for a while.

* It’s good to talk about contemporary Native Americans. When we talk about them from a historical perspective makes kids think that they exist only in the past. So, they’re still around! Wearing regular shirts and jeans, and wearing their traditional attire on special Holidays.

* We mention a specific tribe, the Wampanoags, rather than the very loose term “Native Americans”. There are many cultural differences between tribes, that generalizing “Native Americans” is as wrong as saying “Europeans” when talking about one country in specific.

*The Pilgrims were new arrivals, like many immigrants. It’s ok to be new, or different, or an accent, and have dinner with those who look different than you. “Immigrant” is a good word for kids to get familiar with, especially with so many of us around!
*We avoided teepees, that weren't the type of homes for the East Coast Native Americans. And we avoided warbonnets, that were used only for very important ceremonies.
No worries, this is just the narrative of our eBook. Just as our other events (Dia de Muertos, Cinco de Mayo Party, or the upcoming Felices Holidays), we’ll keep a Holiday spirit, having fun and making it kid-friendly and festive!

We hope to see you at our events!
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