Classes for 10-to-12-year-olds

Kids will be learning Spanish by doing!

The Toc Toc Dual Language Program is an effective way for kids to learn a second language: besides Spanish language classes, kids learn through fun bilingual enrichment activities that are taught in both Spanish and English. That way, kids learn vocabulary and expressions while making a Science or Arts and Crafts project, or dancing and singing their favorite movies' songs, or by playing and exploring: just the way we learn our first language!

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Spanish in 4 different levels:
-Beginners Advanced
If you're not sure what level your child should start at, we encourage booking a 10-minute evaluation call with a Certified Spanish teacher

Frequent Asked Questions:

⋆Is the class online only? For Fall 2020, yes. We might add in-person offerings in New York City in Winter 2021, please stay tuned!

⋆Do you offer free trial classes?Yes! Please register to the class you want to attend and at checkout, apply the Promo Code muestra and your class will be free!

⋆What your make-up policy? Stuff happens! If you couldn't attend a class, please email us and we'll send you a link to the Zoom recording.

⋆What's your refund policy? We try our best to keep your family happy. If there's any problem with the class, we can accommodate your children to a different class, teacher, or level that suits them better. Prorated refunds can be given during the first two weeks of the semester.

⋆I enrolled in the wrong level, can I switch my kid? YES! Please email us so I can switch you over.

⋆There are only 2 schedules listed, are all levels at the same time? There are several classes running at the same time simultaneously, in different Zoom rooms with different teachers.

⋆Is there a siblings discount?All additional siblings have a 50% discount. If you enroll your kids in the same class, the system automatically will apply a 50% discount.
If you have kids attending different classes from different age groups, please send us an email inquiring for a sibling Promo Code discount and we'll send it to you!

⋆I'm not located in the USA, can I still attend the class? Yes! Registration is open to kids all over the world!

⋆Can I have one of these classes for a private class for my children, or for a group of kids? Yes! That information you can see it at www.toctocspanish.com/registration in the menu "Private classes"

⋆Any other question please email us, or call us or send us a SMS message at +1 (718) 502-5718.